web belt buckles brass nickle web belt buckles 9 styles web belt buckles
1 web belt buckle is included with each web belt purchased, choose at " included buckle" when ordering others they are  available at buy buttons below .
each web belt buckle above can be included in your web belt purchase, just choose buckle at "included buckle", includes a belt tip to match the buckle (silver,black,or gold color)
web belt buckles
web belt buckles
web belt buckle
Black buckle
Antique brass
Antique silver
Plain brass
Plain silver color (nickle)
Nickle clasp type
ML leaf raised
Black/gold flame
ML cut out
Cross cut out
Gold flash
8 Ball BLK
Star cut out
Full American Flag
American Flag waving
Glitter Pink
Glitter Gold
Glitter Silver
Inital belt buckles
Please notice in the pictures  above, we have 2 buckles with the American flag, 1 is noted as the full American flag and the other is American flag waving, both are basically a nickle buckle and when ordered we put a matching nickle belt tip on the end.
We can get other buckles on request, if you are looking for a special belt buckle ,please just email us at this link
available at the link above
buckle choice w-b
buckle choice w-b
buckle choice w-b